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Mistakes to Avoid in SEO for a Building Materials Company

Are you new to SEO and wish to take your building materials company to a whole new level? dNovo Group is your best digital marketing partner. We have been delivering all-inclusive SEO services to companies of all sizes in Toronto and its environs. Our services include professional web design, client acquisition, strong branding as well as retention techniques. Our team of marketers is here to help you grow your business using tested SEO strategies.

Building a fantastic website, adding custom content and investing in SEO is not enough. You have to tackle search engine optimization the right way to get the results you want. Here are some of the key mistakes you have to stop making in SEO.


Using questionable SEO strategies

In the past, all that was needed was to add a couple of keywords and links to your website to gain ranking. This is no longer the case. For starters, links are only useful if they are from reputable and authority websites. Keyword stuffing and comment spam are easily flagged by Google and are referred to as ‘black hat SEO’. Although you might get the results you want, black hat SEO will eventually hurt your website. You don’t want your website to be blacklisted, do you?


Not targeting keywords properly

Now that you know keyword stuffing is bad, the next step is to start targeting keywords properly. The key here is to offer quality content that visitors are searching for. The content must also be in a format that is easy to understand. The keywords must also feel natural.

For the best results, the main keyword should be incorporated in the first paragraph then added in a manner that feels natural to the other paragraphs. Keywords should be in the meta description and web address too.

Always remember you are writing for your target audience and not for the search engine. You can have the right keywords, but you will not convert traffic to sales if the content doesn’t connect with the audience.


Failing to add a meta description

Although Google doesn’t include meta descriptions in the ranking algorithm, having this description is crucial in SEO. The meta description is the part that shows up below the link of a webpage in search results. If your page doesn’t have a meta description, Google will grab a random section from your page and display it. This section may be misleading. That is why you need your own descriptive meta description that compels searchers to click on your page. Don’t forget to add your primary keyword in the meta description.


Not making it easy for search engines to find information

An XML sitemap makes it easy for search engines to find information on your pages. A sitemap also tells search engines which pages are more important and which were recently updated. For this, you will need the Google Webmaster Tools.


Slow loading pages

If your page takes long to load, visitors will close it. Google also factors in load speed when ranking a page.

As you can see, a lot goes into search engine optimization. At dNovo Group, we are here to help your building materials company excel. Get in touch with us to find out more about our SEO services.

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